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Offering Zakat is one of the main tenets of Islam

Prepare with a little wise, forward-thinking. Make paying your zakat easy with this helpful calculator. Zakah is owed on gold, silver, cash, savings, investments, rent income, business merchandise and profits, shares, securities, and bonds. To pay zakat, you must be an adult, be in possession of the nisab (value shown below) and be mentally sound.

The following assets should be included in your zakat: Cash – in bank accounts and on your person, Shares & pensions, Gold & silver, Business goods, Crops & cattle.
You do not need to count the following personal items: Your home, Furniture, Cars, Food Clothing.

To use the calculator, enter the corresponding amount in each field. Do not include symbols such as the pound sign or commas. If the amount is zero (“0″), leave the field blank.
Use lowest amount held for 1 year
Monetary value
Deposits, loans you made
shares, stocks, bonds, etc.

Your total assets value:

£ 0

Zakat Payable:

£ 0

Zakat based on 2.5% of your total assets

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