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Pensions Scheme

A brighter future for your non-profit employees

There are a number of steps you can take to ensure a prosperous future for employees of your
non-profit organization.

Our specialists can guide you through the details of an Islamic Pension Scheme, savings account or portfolio of Halal investments. Just choose which one is best for your business and your employees, or chose a combination of all three.

Your Gateway to Pension Planning

Retirement planning for your non-profit business

There are numerous challenges involved in running a non-profit Islamic organization, but if you’re looking to open up a pension scheme for your employees, we have dedicated Islamic finance experts who can arrange and manage schemes tailored for not-for-profit businesses.

So, whether you’re just starting out and looking to set up your first pension, or building on your existing retirement plans, now could be the perfect time to set up an Halal Pension Plan.

The benefits of an Islamic Non-profit Pension Scheme

  • Money always invested in Sharia-compliant activities & companies with low interest-based debt
  • Pension investments arranged as mutual, ETFs or hedge funds
  • Tax benefits compared to traditional pension schemes
  • Our experts will make everything easy to set up and understand
  • Keep track of your pension scheme 24/7 on-line, or by phone

For expert help and guidance on non-profit wealth management, please just call us on 01706 875 459 and we’ll take you through all your options.


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