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Purity of prosperity for Islamic businesses and individuals

Our dedicated Islamic finance specialists will ensure your money is always wisely invested to remain purely Halal. And we offer you a promise that any wealth will only be generated via legitimate trade and investment in assets.

Islamic Bank Accounts

We promise that the bank your account is held with will never use your money to lend out to others on an interest-bearing basis. And they will never use your money to fund investment in impermissible activities. This would be against Sharia law, and as such goes against everything we stand for at Islamic Wealth Management.

Keep your road to prosperity pure

With our experience of understanding and advising on Sharia-compliant investment funds, we are perfectly placed to guide you.

We offer a range of risk-based investment portfolios managed on a discretionary basis. These portfolios consist of well known funds, and are reviewed on a regular basis to maintain pure Sharia compliance.

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